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Many years ago, Alice Davison of Gluten Free Grandma was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. Her mother would bake her bread using rice flour, which tasted alright, but did not rise and was only 2 inches high. As a result, Alice continued to eat the bread despite her allergy.
Over the years, Alice began to develop other side effects from consuming wheat, such as falling asleep while driving. She gave up wheat for a time until beginning to eat it again.
Soon after beginning to consume wheat again, Alice began to have a continuously runny nose as a result of her wheat allergy. Ultimately, she gave up wheat for good. Contact us!
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After giving up wheat, Alice quickly realized that the breads in the market tasted like cardboard and Styrofoam. She knew there had to be better bread out there somewhere. 
Making bread
Alice purchased some eBooks and started making her own bread. She considered these early trial runs to be "okay," but not yet "good." One day, she read an article about a flour used by African women to make bread.
This inspired her to start experimenting. Eventually, she found the right mixture of flour and starches, and this was the bread with a taste like no other. Eureka! Success! Gluten Free Grandma was born.
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